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Using data science, behaviour change and user research.

Promoting action amongst charity supporters

The challenge

Born Free, an animal welfare and conservation charity, wanted to understand who their current and future supporters were, what messages and tone of voice would resonate with them and how they could encourage these audiences to be more action oriented around animal welfare and/or conservation issues.

BFF data 1.jpg

Visulisation of audience network interaction

The approach

To answer these questions, the project was split into research for breath and research for depth. Research for breath was a two part social media analysis focusing on high level analytics of the 89,336 Born Free Twitter handle followers to identify digital tribes and in-depth social listening on 208,8221 Twitter conversations of current and potential audiences. This work was complimented by research for depth which included interviews with current supporters and focus groups with current and identified potential future audience groups.

The outcome

The final output was a report detailing overall findings about current and future supporters, recommendations around how to ignite action amongst current supporters and suggestions for engaging future supporters. Born Free have taken forwards multiple short term suggestions and are in the process of addressing the more strategic decisions recommended in the report.

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