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Using user research, data analytics, service design, prototyping, community engagement, capability building and coaching

Supporting communities to drive change around health inequalities

The challenge

Tower Hamlets is the third most deprived borough in London and the 10th in England. Acknowledging that health inequalities are heightened between groups from different socioeconomic backgrounds, Tower Hamlets council commissioned the ‘Communities Driving Change’ programme to run across the borough. This three year programme aims to address the impact that different issues such as crime, unemployment, poor environment and living conditions have on people’s health and how to bring about local and systems change to address it.


Photos of the community engagement and co-production activities

The approach

The programme is taking a three phase approach over three years:

1) Scoping: Using data, key stakeholder interviews and area walks to define which three natural neighbourhoods within the borough the three year programme should be based within


2) Engagement and development: Working with local stakeholders and residents to understand the strengths and issues within the three agreed areas. Holding local events to decide what issues the programme should be tackling, as well as co-produce ideas to address them

3) Delivery: Ideas chosen will be run by local residents and stakeholders with the support of the delivery partner to offer coaching, capability building, business modelling and any other support they might need

The outcome

The programme is still ongoing however the ideas chosen will fit into a system wide transformation plan that addresses the issues identified on a wider level. The delivery partner will support the council, local organisations and residents with embedding change that is sustainable and long lasting.

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