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Using data analytics, service design, prototyping, user research and capacity building

Using predictive analytics to prevent homelessness

The challenge

Luton Council wanted to create a holistic, integrated preventative service that helps prevent homelessness for residents within the borough. The council wanted to use data analytics to identify people who are identified as homeless and support them earlier in their journey.


Data breakdown of council resident information

The approach

To tackle this challenge and understand how data analytics could successfully support a more holistic prevention service, the project combined:

1) Staff shadowing: to understand how the current service worked, where the pain points and successes were as well as how users were referred in and out of the service

2) User research: with six service users was used to understand their thoughts on the current service, the role they believe the council have in situation, how their housing crisis could have been supported better and their views on using data analytics to identify them earlier

3) Co-design workshops with staff and partners: to design what a new, earlier outreach service might look like

4) Capability building: with staff of service design techniques so they could prototype and iterate the new service

The outcome

The project is still ongoing and there are planned capability building sprints over the next four months with staff to ensure they feel comfortable prototyping the new service.

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