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Frequently asked questions

Who is the training for?

Applying Design’s training sessions are aimed at small to medium sized organisations of all kinds, whether in the private, public or third sector. In short, the training is useful for any organisation looking to enhance its skills in service design and user research. Within organisations, we offer training for either individuals (in the form of mentoring sessions) or teams (in the form of workshops). 

Do people need any prior understanding of service design or user research?

No — both our workshops and our mentoring sessions can start from scratch to give people the skills and tools they need. We always tailor our training to the level of your team, so if people do have some background knowledge of these areas, then we can move more quickly over the basics and move onto discussion and implementation a bit faster. 

What do the workshops involve?

The first half of the workshop is spent looking at key tools and methods from service design and user research, and the second half is then spent applying these to a live project.

Who are the workshops for?

For the workshops, some clients have had their whole organisation take part in the training, whereas others have aimed it at the roles where these skills are most useful.

How long are the workshops?

Most of our workshops last one day: we think this is enough time to go over the core methods and tools and then put them into practice. We also offer two-day workshops for organisations looking to spend more time embedding these skills into their working routines.

Are the workshops online or in person?

We think these workshops are most effective in person, as they’re highly interactive and involve small group tasks. If you’re a remote or hybrid team and being fully in-person isn’t feasible, we can discuss a remote-friendly option. 

How much do the workshops cost?

Our pricing depends on the number of people attending and the bespoke needs of your team. For a full day workshop with under 10 people, costs can be between £2,000 - £2,600 depending on add-ons agreed and complexity of project provided by the client for the practical activity. Reduced rates are available for small charities.

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How much does the mentoring cost?

Sessions are £150 for a 90 minute appointment or £120 for 60 minutes and are with Sophie. We also offer package deals at discounted rates: £1400 for 10 x 90 minute sessions or £1100 for 10 x 60 minute sessions.

The workshop with Sophie was perfectly curated to our goals and full of practical advice. We walked away that day with a much clearer plan of how and when to apply service design in our product frameworks and customer success - the positive feedback from changes to onboarding is one small but powerful example!

nPlan workshop participant

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